3 Reasons Why 2024 is the Year of AI Experience

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How human will artificial intelligence become this year?

This technology has taken the efficiency of contact centers to a new level, and at the same time, significantly improved automated call quality.

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"Regardless of whether companies are aiming for greater customer loyalty or cost efficiency, the focus is always on highly developed AI and qualified employees."

Artificial intelligence has become an integral part of the customer experience, and this development will continue through 2024 – with AI experiences becoming more human-like than ever before.

1. AI agents will become customized team members

Companies in all industries currently face difficulty finding qualified employees for customer service. There are many reasons for this, but the result remains the same: long wait times and a lack of high-quality support.

This is where AI comes in. As a high-quality, future-proof technology, it not only works efficiently and reliably, but it also steps in when human employees are absent – especially in the case of repetitive tasks.

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"AI reduces the need for people to perform repetitive, error-prone tasks. This is an exciting opportunity for employees to use their skills for strategic, meaningful tasks.”

Whether it’s peak times a sudden increase in customer inquiries, AI can scale quickly and reliably without needing additional employees. This allows companies to respond to changing market conditions with agility, while creating more space for agents to use judgment and creative problem-solving. Customers also benefit: They receive the best quality of service anytime, with quick solutions and human empathy, whenever it’s needed.

2. LLMs make customer interactions more dynamic

Earlier customer service automation technology lacked the ability to improvise. Conversations were rule-based and anticipated, so they tended to be rigid and inflexible. An off-script question? “Sorry, I didn’t understand that…”.

LLMs completely change the dynamics of automated service conversations. LLMs understand, react, and respond contextually, regardless of whether an unexpected question is asked or the topic is changed.

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“Where previously rigid, rule-based systems reached their limits, LLMs now create personalized, human-like dialogue. They go from being part of the conversation to being engaged, context-aware participants who can understand and resolve any issue.”

The result? A human-like customer experience that is seamless, pleasant, and above all, helpful. And conversational designers benefit too, because tedious preparation for each individual fallback scenario is no longer necessary. Instead, future focus will be on training and expanding the technology’s knowledge base.

3. Customer dialogue comes to life with AI voices

A friendly “Hello” picks up the support hotline – is it a human or AI? This question will become increasingly difficult to answer in the future, since voices based on artificial intelligence have developed enormously in recent months.

Just take the voices from OpenAI, which we use at Parloa. They are nearly indistinguishable from real human voices, because they have subtle nuances and small details like those that happen in real conversation.

Experience the Parloa AI voice firsthand

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But it’s not just about the voice. A human call experience is brought to life by the small, often subconsciously perceived elements – a thoughtful “um” before the next piece of information, the soft click of a keyboard, or the rustling of paper in the background while an AI agent processes an inquiry. The clever combination of subtle, realistic effects and authentic human voices creates a familiar experience so customers feel comfortable and understood.
The year 2024 marks a turning point in the use of artificial intelligence in customer service. Companies continue to shift their focus towards customer-centric AI-based experiences – and the most advanced technologies are opening up unprecedented opportunities for service quality and customer experience. Parloa is at the forefront of this development, supporting companies with innovative AI solutions that not only inspire, but also create real human connections between technology, customers, and agents.

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