The enterprise solution for building automated dialogs.

Parloa – a Dialog Management System helping agile teams to create engaging conversations. Build for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, chat and phonebots in one place.
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What’s holding you back?

More time waiting than creating?

Spending weeks, or even months, testing and launching your voice application due to inefficient development processes?

Multi-Channel Challenges?

Finding it difficult to manage a unified voice experience across multiple channels?

Resource Allocation Issues?

Are your developers spending too much time on writing dialogs and not enough on coding new killer features?

Clean and Flexible UI

with drag-and-drop interface

Intents & Responses

Edit your dialog directly in the graphical interface.

External Code

Connect your dialog with external back-end systems via a clearly defined interface for designer and developer.

Global Intents

Differentiate between local and global intents, and make sure you understand the user all the time.


Use conditions to make the dialog flexibel and dynamic.


Design personalised voice experiences

Create complex dialogs, using platform context and user input to maximize both consistency and variety of speech.

Integrate with the rest of your stack

Add custom services using a RESTful API for limitless options, and integrate with existing services using your existing tooling.

Test and debug

Upload easily to Alexa and Google development platforms, then receive in-app dialog issue reports.

Voice hub

One single voice repository can be published to multiple channels, including Alexa and Google Assistant, as well as to chatbots and phone services.

Break free with Parloa

Strategic Support

Our team of linguists, UX specialists and other experts work with you to bring your ideas to life.

Built to scale

Modern architecture ensures security, uptime, and performance. Enjoy peace of mind with SLAs.
GDPR compliant with SaaS and On-premise deployment options.

Launch faster

Use versioning features and different staging levels to align with agile development processes. Build prototypes quickly, and iterate even faster.

Parloa helps us to accelerate our design and development process of voice applications on a variety of channels.

Nicolas KonnerthHead of Voice ERGO

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You want to try Parloa? No Problem!

You want to try Parloa? No Problem!