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Automate your customer service with Parloa.

Build automated dialogs for phone, chat, voice assistants & messenger – all in one place.

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Build AI-based phonebots, chatbots & voice apps that your customers love talking to.

Parloa enables you to use market-leading NLP technology in your customer service to create never-before-seen experiences for all relevant channels.

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Parloa is an omnichannel software that allows you to build for all relevant customer service channels.


IVRS have had their day in the call center. Millions of minutes are wasted daily because of repetitive tasks made by agents. This can be automated with Parloa. It doesn’t sound like a machine anymore, it is really humanlike.


Messengers like WhatsApp and Facebook have long been part of our everyday lives. A generation is growing up that would rather chat than talk anyway. So why not use a messenger bot to provide intermediate answers and processes concerns automatically?

Website Chat

Trust AI-based dialog automation for your website chatbots. Increase sales and deliver the right service with the right answers at the right time.

Voice Assistants

Build a unified voice experience across multiple digital assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Parloa helps us accelerate our design and development of voice applications across a variety of channels.

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Build, Prototype, Train, Publish.

All in one place.

May we introduce: The most advanced frontend for everything you need for automating dialogs – enterprise-ready, of course.

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Parloa Drag Drop Frontend Flow Chart Editor


Parloa has many unique features in store for you. Here are 4 important ones:

Unique Frontend

Parloa makes it a breeze to use Conversational AI. Learn about our drag’n’drop flow builder now, or see how you can create and train your speech model. And get to know the best debugger since debugging.

Best-In-Class AI

We have identified the best NLP components for Speech-To-Text, Text-To-Speech and of course NLU in a year-long process. Learn more about how you can benefit from it today!

NLU Training & Analytics

We democratize NLU training & analytics for you. You won’t find any tool that makes it easier and more efficient to train the heart of your AI-based customer communication.


Whether SaaS or on premise use: Scale Parloa for use on millions of calls and chat messages. Of course GDPR-compliant, as the entire pipeline is hosted in Europe.

GDPR compliance and data protection made in Germany.

As a German Software as a Service solution, Parloa naturally fulfills all requirements of the GDPR. Parloa is 100% hosted in Europe.

Integrate Parloa with your call center infrastructure and every CRM, ERP & other back-ends!

Parloa fits seamlessly into the software infrastructure of your company, e.g. consisting of Genesys or Avaya and Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce.

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We are bot-builders and we will make you one, too. You can count on our Parloa expertise and support with all your concerns.

Because we care not only about your success, but also about working together as people.

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