E.ON One optimizes customer communication in the energy sector with AI solution OneVoice

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  • E.ON One, Parloa, and the infinit.cx group present customized AI-based voice technology for customer service in the energy industry
  • OneVoice powered by Parloa enables customer calls to be answered automatically
  • Energy suppliers benefit from sustainably higher customer satisfaction and less effort

Essen, November 28, 2023

E.ON One, E.ON SE’s subsidiary for digital solutions, announces its cooperation with the AI tech company Parloa and the infinit.cx group. Parloa’s innovative voice technology now forms the basis for the E.ON One product OneVoice – an intelligent voicebot solution for customer service hotlines. With the help of OneVoice powered by Parloa, municipal utilities and energy suppliers can simplify communication with their customers and improve customer satisfaction.

Customer service for energy suppliers and municipal utilities has become increasingly complex since the energy crisis. Additionally, more and more customers are no longer simply consumers, but are asking for advice on energy solutions such as solar or e-mobility. The growing number and increasing complexity of inquiries has created a need for energy suppliers to continuously optimize their customer communication.

With OneVoice powered by Parloa, E.ON One provides energy suppliers with a practical, out-of-the-box solution that makes it easy and straightforward for customers to contact their energy supplier. OneVoice provides valuable support for customers, energy suppliers, and municipal utilities by answering simple customer questions without call waiting times or additional barriers.

“The increase in customer inquiries as a result of the energy transition poses a new challenge for energy suppliers. We see considerable potential here to make customer service even faster and more efficient with an AI-based solution, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. With Parloa and the infinit.cx group, we have found the ideal partners to tap into this potential with the help of OneVoice,” says Tim van Amstel, CEO of E.ON One.

AI customer service in the energy industry: OneVoice optimizes customer communication

Malte Kosub, CEO of Parloa GmbH, says: “Hardly any other market has as many end customers as the energy industry. We have set out to offer all these people even better customer service thanks to AI. With E.ON One and the infinit.cx group, we have strong partners with whom we will drive our growth and internationalization strategy in the European energy market forward.”

At the heart of OneVoice is Parloa’s AI-based technology. Customers can enter into a direct dialog with a voicebot that understands specialized and non-specialized language, provides helpful answers, points out alternatives, or gives useful tips without any waiting time or unnecessary hurdles.

Uncomplicated integration and future-proof adaptation

The infinit.cx group will ensure that the AI platform is integrated quickly and smoothly. “We are experts in successful customer service with contact center technology and have been a partner of E.ON for over ten years. We are combining this experience with Parloa’s special technological capabilities for OneVoice. This gives municipal utilities and energy suppliers an innovative and future-proof platform for good customer service,” confirms Stefan Grünzner, CEO of Partner Management at the infinit.cx group. OneVoice is all about going to market faster and more efficiently with innovative customer communication.

OneVoice can be easily connected to existing ERP and CRM systems via standardized APIs and can be implemented within a few weeks. Thanks to its comprehensive open interface, the AI-based customer service solution can be quickly adapted to future developments and framework conditions.

Additional details and information about OneVoice can be found here.

About E.ON One:

E.ON One was founded in 2022 with the aim of offering digital solutions for the successful and rapid implementation of the energy transition from a single source. E.ON One’s portfolio includes solutions for grid connection, grid operation, and energy management. With the aim of mastering the challenges of a decentralized and sustainable energy supply, the focus is on digitalization of processes, smartification of grids, and optimization of energy consumption. The E.ON subsidiary also includes and holds a majority stake in gridX, envelio, elvah and Lemonbeat.

About Parloa:

Parloa is a leading AI company for the automation of customer service. Parloa’s platform unites humans and AI on one team to take companies’ service quality to a new level. Parloa creates AI-based customer service, natural-sounding conversations, and outstanding service experiences on the phone and on all other communication channels. Parloa solves large numbers of customer queries quickly and automatically, allowing contact center agents to focus on complex issues. Parloa was founded in 2018 by Malte Kosub and Stefan Ostwald and currently employs more than 150 people in Berlin, Munich, and New York.

About infinit.cx group:

THE specialists in the DACH region for profitable customer loyalty and differentiation through successful customer experiences. The company has been doing this successfully for over 40 years by advising, implementing, and optimizing highly integrated, technical solutions in trusting, long-term cooperation with its customers, including for the E.ON Group. MAKE IT EASY @ infinit.cx group for #omnichannel #customerservice and #CX #solutions. “It’s not the technology alone that makes a project successful. People work with people. That’s important to us.” (Stefan Grünzner, CEO @ infinit.cx group – The Customer Experience Powerhouse)

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