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Parloa’s AI-based voice conversations sound more human than any other solution. With Parloa, you can solve customer requests in the blink of an eye.

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Sound makes the difference

Our platform is specifically designed for phone interactions, leveraging its exceptional speech-centric technical infrastructure to deliver the best phone experience out there.

Enhance phone interactions with exceptional voice technology

Advanced speech-centered technology for outstanding phone experiences

With our advanced pre-trained speech-to-text technology, we outperform standard models by a significant margin of at least 10-15%. Take advantage of exceptional performance that delivers the highest level of accuracy and clarity.

Experience the difference with unparalleled human-like sound

The sound makes the difference, that’s why we are using Microsoft neural text-to-speech voices, that outperform the competition in delivering natural and realistic phone conversations, to ensure your customers have engaging and authentic conversations.

Say goodbye to communication barriers with contextual understanding capabilities

At Parloa, we harness advanced AI components and the latest innovations in generative AI to accurately capture and interpret the intention behind transcribed words, providing seamless and smooth interactions that enable clear and effective communication with your customers.

Words from our customers

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  • The flexible AI-based speech recognition makes it easy for callers to communicate their concerns, even if they don’t know the right terminology. They can get in touch with the right person quickly and easily.
    Tom Schneider Tom Schneider Consultant for Process and Project Management, Swiss Life
  • Thanks to Parloa, our customers have the permanent possibility to receive automated answers to all their questions via various channels without being tied to opening hours.
    Olivia Szpiech Olivia Szpiech Director of Customer Service, Decathlon Germany
  • Our strong partnership connects the best from both worlds! The combination of Parloa's Conversational AI platform and Microsoft Speech Recognition sets a new standard for outstanding customer experience in contact centers.
    Juergen Dick Jürgen Dick Channel Sales Manager - Financial Services Microsoft
  • Our Parloa chatbot uses its comprehensive knowledge to answer our customers’ questions and forwards them to our service team if needed. At the same time, it is a popular “goodie” that allows customers to update their personal data via self-service. We plan to expand these services soon. Our next project: Phonebot!
    Jeanine Koenig Jeanine König Project and Process Manager, AGILA

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