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What is Parloa?

Parloa is an enterprise-grade contact center AI platform powered by next-generation technology that allows global companies to create and execute stunning AI customer service experiences on all relevant customer channels, including phone, text, and live chat.

Our platform is specifically designed for phone interactions, leveraging its exceptional speech-centric technical infrastructure to deliver the best phone experience out there – which means our AI-based voice conversations sound delightfully human. Because customers like to use different channels to get in touch, our platform also creates great AI-driven experiences for all other service channels, like chat and messenger.

Parloa’s AI solution allows your company to alleviate the repetitive tasks required of human agents with a nimble empathy that far surpasses older solutions like IVR. Our technology seamlessly handles routing, authentication, FAQs, and end-to-end processes.

The result? You get to delight your customers and rapidly achieve contact center success.

At Parloa, we harness advanced AI components, like LLMs, and the latest innovations in generative AI to accurately capture and interpret customer needs, providing seamless and smooth interactions that enable clear and effective communication with your customers.

In today’s on-demand era, customers expect instant answers and solutions to questions and concerns — on any device. That’s why our platform is purpose-built with next-gen technology, including generative AI.

Our AI services are available 24/7 and deliver human-like interactions and superior customer experiences. Parloa’s AI platform streamlines repetitive contact center tasks, allowing agents to focus on customer inquiries that require human skills.

Automation increases contact center efficiency in several areas. With Parloa, you’ll save money and time while boosting critical KPIs to increase agent and customer happiness such as AHT, FCR, and NPS.

Short answer: Everyone. Customers receive faster and better service, agents are relieved of mundane tasks and report higher job satisfaction, and companies boost critical KPIs such as AHT, FCR, and NPS.

Maybe your customers need to file a claim.

Perhaps your employees need a simpler way to share niche and expert knowledge with customers.

You might even be dealing with 400 calls at once – burning out agents and leaving money on the table.

That’s where Parloa comes in.

First of all, our use cases are abundant.

At Parloa, we harness advanced AI components and the latest innovations in generative AI to offer quality multi-channel customer support, with industry-leading phone automation. Our platform enables seamless and smooth interactions for clear and effective communication with your customers.

Every component of a conversation can have multiple versions, and we consider them all. For example, if someone is speaking their license plate, they might be saying a letter, an alphabet code for a letter, or a number. Parloa’s system can recognize and react to all of these with 97% accuracy – an industry best.

We are also leading the way in generative AI in telephony. Opting for Parloa ensures that your AI platform consistently incorporates the most recent advancements in artificial intelligence. One notable feature of our cutting-edge platform is real-time translation (RTT), which lets you break any language barrier by translating your customer service call with an agent based anywhere, in real time.

Every company is different and has its own individual requirements. We are perfectly prepared for this, because as an enterprise-ready platform, we support your team and analyze your individual situation and deliver a solution that fits your business. Parloa is particularly well positioned to integrate with other enterprise software and solutions.

Parloa is low-code! It’s intuitive, easy to use, and requires no previous experience with coding. You can also team up with one of our partners for low-stress, low-requirement integration. To see what Parloa can do for you, check out our use cases.

Parloa allows you to empower your employees to easily design, train, and seamlessly integrate powerful AI capabilities across your contact center using simple-yet-comprehensive interfaces and open APIs.

Tom Schneider, Consultant for Process and Project Management at Swiss Life, said it well: “With the Parloa platform’s low-code front-end, it is no longer necessary to involve Swiss Life’s IT department. Employees can change routing, keywords and intentions themselves – intuitively and without any programming knowledge.”

Parloa is designed to help your agents seamlessly interact in a customer’s native language using RTT (real-time translation) available in over 90 languages.

Throughout the conversation, Parloa delivers additional information to the agent, like a customer’s previous orders or best practices for the situation. There are many ways Parloa assists contact center agents.

A customer can call from Sweden and have a seamless experience with a German agent, each working in their own language. Transport issues in Mexico? With Parloa, your Chicago office can handle that.

This depends on many factors, so we suggest you reach out to – we’re eager to speak with you!

Ready to make AI part of your team?

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