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The evolution from chatbot to phone bot: “Claimens” makes filling claim reports easier than ever

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About the company

DOMCURA is the leading provider of private and commercial premium coverage concepts. As an underwriting agent, the company works exclusively with highly rated companies and is vested by them with extensive powers of attorney.

The bottom line

In just three months, insurance specialist DOMCURA, together with Parloa and its technology partner Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, taught the chatbot Claimens to talk. The smart phone bot is based on artificial intelligence and guides its customers through the recurring steps of filing a claim report. With this task, it relieves agents in the contact center and takes the customer experience to a new level. Thanks to Parloa’s low-code front-end, the DOMCURA team has already independently created over 20 types of damage claims that Claimens can cover. The data-based feedback enables the phone bot to continuously learn and has already increased its recognition rate to 90 percent in a very short time.

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“By switching to Parloa’s platform solution, we can meet global standards as a Mittelstand company, use the latest technologies, and operate like a global corporation.”

Uwe Schumacher

Chairman of the Board at DOMCURA AG

What was the challenge?

It happened suddenly: A storm arrives. The old chestnut tree on the property cannot stand up to the storm. It goes “crack” and a heavy branch falls onto the roof. Cases of damage usually come as a complete surprise to homeowners. Quick and professional help is then offered by the insurance company – but it must first be informed of the case.

Once the damage has occurred, the first contact point is usually the insurance company’s hotline. And in the process that now follows, customers and agents alike must have one thing above all else: time.

In the Contact Center, employees record the data:

After the first contact, customers fill out the claim form; the insurance company creates the case file and requests the necessary documents – only then does the processing start. A lengthy process with many recurring standard questions from the agent and, at the same time, laborious answers to queries provided by the customer.

What is the solution?

In search of Claimens’ voice, Lars Malinowsky and his team jumped right into speech control programming.

The team quickly agreed: Only a professional solution can build on the success of Claimens.

This is where Parloa came in with an AI-driven platform that provided all the technical and functional solutions needed to transition Claimens into a phone bot.

Building on Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, which had already been used for the chatbot, Parloa enabled its seamless integration into DOMCURA’s existing technical infrastructure.

With low-code to high performer

In addition, the intuitive low-code front-end of the Parloa platform made it easy for the DOMCURA team to design, implement, and continuously improve their own processes for the new phone bot.

“Our customers expect us to be available to them at any time of the day or night to competently record their claims.”

Uwe Schumacher

Chairman of the Board at DOMCURA AG

What are the results?

“We are particularly proud of our insurance policy number recognition—via the numbers, an insurance policy with all its details can be clearly matched with a customer. There are about 40 different patterns, resulting in about 80,000 policy numbers. A good database to train Claimens.”

Lars Malinowsky

IT Service Department Manager at DOMCURA AG

Customers and Claimens also clicked with each other. The AI-controlled phone bot recognizes 90 percent of what the conversation is about immediately and accurately – after only three months since the initial kickoff. This ensures clarity in the claim reporting process, shortens the waiting times for callers, and thus provides an optimal customer experience.


Claimens has become a true source of relief for its human colleagues in the Contact Center. By assuming standard tasks, our agents have more time to handle more complex claims. 

At the same time, Claimens learns from Parloa’s comprehensive analytics data and regular service feedback. Agents then use its performance to make the dialogs of the AI phonebot even more customer-centric.

The outlook

Claimens’ evolution is progressing. The DOMCURA team is already planning to not only collect information but also link the phone bot to the CRM. This contract data helps Claimens optimize its questions and offer customers an individual service. 

On top, DOMCURA is looking at improving their customer experience even more, introducing easy authentication and smart routing of customer requests to the right departments.


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