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Breaking language barriers: How TUI and Transcom use real-time AI voice translation in contact centers

Webinar Transcom x TUI, Breaking Language Barriers, Webinar in EN

About this webinar

Despite the growing prevalence of digital channels, phone interactions still make up a significant 72% of incoming volumes, presenting a costly challenge for businesses.
Discover how Parloa’s real-time voice translation technology, implemented and operated by Transcom, is reshaping customer service dynamics. This webinar highlights TUI’s success in leveraging this innovation, enabling English speakers in Cairo to support Swedish, Finnish, and Dutch-speaking customers. This strategic shift allows businesses to tap into a broader talent pool, minimizing costs while enhancing customer experience.
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Key Webinar Highlights:
Parloa’s Innovation: Explore the technical brilliance behind Parloa’s AI-driven translation, transforming customer interactions across languages.
Transcom’s Strategy: Gain insights into how Transcom leverages their operational expertise to implement and manage real-time translation, driving innovation in customer service.
TUI’s Success: Learn from TUI’s experience in reducing costs, improving customer experience, and expanding talent acquisition through the implementation of real-time voice translation. Join us for a concise and dynamic discussion on breaking down language barriers in customer service.


Webinar Speaker Info Philip Schlageter Transcom


Philip Schlageter

Digital CX Sales Director
EMEA, Transcom


Iryna Yosyk

Principal Manager
Global Partnerships, Parloa

Webinar Speaker Info Ramon Delima TUI


Ramón Delima

Global Director Customer Service, TUI

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