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Catch Our Live Presentation: Why Your Call Volume Will Skyrocket 10x in the Next Five Years

Live Demo & Presentation: "Why Your Call Volume Will Skyrocket 10x in the Next Five Years"

Time: Monday, May 13. 6:00PM – 6:20PM
Location: Silver Demo Theatre

Customer behavior is changing, and your call volume is likely to increase 10x over the next five years. In this presentation, Parloa’s Co-Founder and CEO Malte Kosub will explain why this is happening, and what enterprise companies can do for customer communication to meet this explosion in demand.

The capabilities that Generative AI offers will rewrite your contact center operations and turn customer service into a value creator. We predict 80% of customer interactions will be able to be fully automated by Parloa’s AI platform. This demonstration will show how the role of human agents will evolve from that of low-wage employees running triage to true company experts, with an understanding of machine learning, who update your AI knowledge center and handle only third-tier customer needs.

Generative AI

Unlimited customer service: Generative AI understands complex requests, supports agents in real time, and speaks naturally.


Customers love calling! Deliver ideal service experiences with the best quality for your most important communication channel.

Translations in real-time

Break language barriers! Answer international inquiries and let your agents speak any language in the world.

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