3 Ways AI Can Assist Contact Center Agents

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When human agents join forces with Artificial Intelligence in a contact center, they can deliver an extraordinary customer experience.

High-volume call or contact centers are plagued with logistical challenges that drain worker energy and frustrate customers. But when AI is riding along, human agents have access to real-time insights, recommendations, and even the exact phrasing to speed time to resolution and deliver a first-class customer experience.

Vanquish the enemies of productivity

Your customer service organization can drastically lighten the burden by automating conversations with the help of AI, but AI bots can’t always manage the most hands-on or complex tasks alone. Similarly, human agents struggle to scale when faced with the challenges of a busy support channel. This may include:

By pairing your human agents with an AI wingman, you can harness the power of cutting-edge technology and empower a human-AI duo for a superior customer experience.

Your next-generation contact center agent

By adding AI to your contact center, you can leverage the benefits of voice bots, virtual assistants, and data analytics tools to help your team work faster, more accurately, and more confidently — without sacrificing the human touch.

Advanced AI tools and capabilities supercharge human agents by helping them analyze complex scenarios, process data, prompt responses, and provide accurate responses for any scenario with speed. AI offers lightning-fast analysis to effortlessly address customer concerns and personalize with precision. Because this is all guided by human agents, there is no loss of empathy, humor, and ingenuity.

Synthesizing AI technology into a contact center improves customer satisfaction through real-time assistance — providing accurate information retrieval, augmenting translation services, and driving decision support. You can combine all the best qualities of automated assistants and humans to elevate the entire customer experience.

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Three ways to use AI to augment your human agents:

1. Deliver real-time translations on the fly

If you’re lucky, your live agents might speak a few languages fluently — but that won’t help if you’re trying to reach a big market. If you operate across multiple regions, you may feel forced off-shore customer service or hire a larger team for broad language support. AI can provide an engine to help agents converse easily in non-native languages.

With AI acting as a real-time translator across calls and chat, your agents don’t need to speak a language fluently – or at all! – to help customers effectively. AI can immediately translate messages into the native language of the live agent and then back into the language of the customer again. Customers may never be aware they are not chatting with a native speaker.

This capability enhances customer satisfaction, eliminates mistakes and confusion due to language barriers, and allows for more effective, nuanced communication between customers and live agents.

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2. Automate repetitive tasks and conversations

AI helps to automate predictable, repetitive tasks like data entry, security verification, or retrieving standard information. Even before agents tag in, AI can pre-qualify callers, reduce repetitive tasks, and speed response time without cumbersome “press one, press two” interactions.

With AI running pre-screening, a live human agent can seamlessly jump in without getting bogged down in mundane details. This allows your team to focus more time on complex or high-value interactions, like problem-solving or building rapport with customers.

AI platforms like Parloa then augment conversations — guiding agents quickly through next steps by analyzing conversations and offering an array of possible responses to choose — with the ability to insert replies into the conversation with a click. This speeds up both response times and time to resolution.

3. Support agents with real-time recommendations and best practices

This combines the best aspects of AI to the best aspects of human communication. AI co-pilots prompt agents with personalized content recommendations for customers in real-time and help them be more effective and efficient.

Plus, AI learns as it goes, and agent choices help it to understand the most appropriate and effective responses to make future interactions even stronger!

Another benefit of having AI assistance is the change to augment training and help new agents deploy more quickly. An AI solution can offer guidance that helps new agents gain competence – and confidence – more quickly. When an agent handles a call, their AI sidekick can provide a flow of suggestions that help the agents more effectively address the need and spot opportunities to upsell, cross-sell, or follow best practices.

Sound makes the difference

With modern AI, you’ll create outstanding customer and agent experiences – and it’ll sound like this:

Amplify your customer experience with AI

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