Intents & Responses

Edit your dialog directly in the graphical interface.

External Code

Connect your dialog with external back-end systems via a clearly defined interface for designer and developer.

Global Intents

Differentiate between local and global intents, and make sure you understand the user all the time.


Use conditions to make the dialog flexibel and dynamic.

Clean & Flexible UI

Low-code development

with drag-and-drop interface


Design personalised voice experiences

Create complex dialogs, using platform context and user input to maximize both consistency and variety of speech.

Integrate with the rest of your stack

Add custom services using a RESTful API for limitless options, and integrate with existing services using your existing tooling.

Test and debug

Upload your conversational experience easily to the different channels, then receive dialog issue reports within Parloa.

Voice hub

One single voice repository can be published to multiple channels, including phone, Alexa, Google Assistant as well as to your chatbot.

Complete lifecycle development

Take an idea and breathe life into it, getting a POC up and running on the same day. Validate your ideas, collaborate with colleagues, and once you’ve tested everything, connected the relevant platforms for your use case, manage your live experience along its full development lifecycle.

Prototype and Test

Use the beautiful drag ‘n’ drop interface to build a working prototype, making use of the Debugger to present an idea you’re proud of.

Release and Analyse

Connect to anything with a RESTful API, publish to your platform of choice, and use the Analytics Hook to measure how everything performs.

Iterate and Scale

Re-use components, manage one experience across all channels, iterate on what you’ve built, and manage live experiences with multiple versions.

Create a better conversation

Take a holistic approach to your conversational strategy and build something with your customer in mind.

Control the experience

Control every element of how your users experience speaking with your AI, down to phrasing, specific terms, and the context in which they are interact.

Advanced use cases

Your users will have high expectations, so make sure you can meet them by providing a wide range of functionality, and clear options for when something isn’t available.

Personalise the experience

Make use of data from other channels such as your CRM to ensure you’re not taking a siloed approach to conversational AI.

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