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Generative AI changes customer service - now & forever!

Generative AI is revolutionizing the way contact centers communicate with their customers. At Parloa, we’ve been preparing for this shift for many years and have deeply integrated Large Language Models (LLMs) into the core of our platform.

Listen. Understand. Speak.

Meaningful automated conversations are only possible when powerful technologies work together seamlessly.

That’s why we orchestrate our comprehensive, end-to-end platform like a symphony to help our contact center AI listen, understand, and speak in the most human way possible.

Components Orchestration NLU
Components Listen

Listen on a deeper level

Every customer call is unique and comes with its own set of challenges — like different speech tempos, accents, and dialects, pauses, language barriers, and more.

Understanding and accurately transcribing what’s being said is critical to providing customers with excellent service and delivering exceptional contact center experiences.

Built on Microsoft Azure, Parloa outperforms industry standard models by on average 5–15% on customer service use cases. Accurate transcription pays off!

More than words:
Uncover your customers' needs

Human language is incredibly complex, filled with nuances and room for interpretation. Understanding the true meaning of spoken and written words correctly is a challenging task for all of us.

At Parloa, we harness advanced AI components — like natural language understanding (NLU), LLMs, and the latest innovations in generative AI — to accurately capture and interpret the intention behind transcribed words, setting the standard of what contact center automation quality looks like.

Components NLU

Transform text to lifelike speech

In any AI-powered conversation, sound makes all the difference. That’s why we choose the best voices in every language to give your customers the most human-like service experience possible, unlike any other provider out there.

Need something even more unique? We can even provide a bespoke, AI-based, synthetic neural voice that takes your brand to a whole new level!

The flexible AI-based speech recognition makes it easy for callers to communicate their concerns, even if they don’t know the right terminology. They can get in touch with the right person quickly and easily.

Tom Schneider

Tom Schneider

Consultant for Process and Project Management at Swiss Life

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