Parloa’s easy-to-use low-code frontend

Create, train, and connect AI customer service experiences that wow your customers with our unparalleled frontend.

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Move at the speed of generative AI

Our easy-to-use interface makes creating dialogues and generating training data a breeze. Powered by generative AI, Parloa enables you to effortlessly generate AI prompts and provide training data for a comprehensive speech model — all without extensive upfront setup or planning.

Experience the most advanced low-code frontend

No line of code is needed – unless you want it!

Create seamless, automated, and engaging dialogues rapidly, without friction, using drag-and-drop that enables you to combine different modules with ease and build powerful conversational logic.

Adapt to your customers’ needs in seconds

Our low-code frontend provides real-time insight into how customer dialogues are performing. Find out what’s working and discover opportunities to deliver even better customer experiences, right at your fingertips.
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Empower your team to collaborate effectively

With Parloa, multifunctional teams — including dialogue designers, project managers, and customer service agents — can collaborate on dialogues at the same time without writing any code.

“With the Parloa platform’s low-code front-end, it is no longer necessary to involve Swiss Life’s IT department. Employees can change routing, keywords and intentions themselves – intuitively and without any programming knowledge.”

Tom Schneider

Tom Schneider

Consultant for Process and Project Management at Swiss Life

Skip the coding


Design powerful dialogue experiences using drag-and-drop

Design seamless dialogues with ease thanks to an intuitive user-friendly interface that offers unparalleled flexibility. Accelerate the dialogue creation process using a variety of pre-built blocks and reusable sub dialogues.

Create responses faster and with fewer resources with our visual SSML response editor

Create customized responses for each channel without touching a single line of code! Leverage SSML tags, effects, and layers to fine-tune the auditory experience. Achieve the perfect blend of consistency and voice variety while personalizing each response.

Manage GenAI effortlessly with natural language prompts

Parloa’s user-friendly low-code interface allows you to set up dialogs using natural prompts. With just a few clicks and by simply describing what you expect to happen during the conversation, you can enhance your customer service capabilities and ensure exceptional automated interactions every time.

Respond to your customers needs

Parloa's debugger effortlessly detects issues in your dialogues

Deliver seamless interactions by identifying errors, testing  dialogues, and improving them over time. Our intuitive frontend makes it easy to discover issues so you can quickly resolve them.


Harness the full power of NLU with training

The more quality training data you collect, the easier it is to automate customer conversations. Parloa lets you monitor conversation histories and train your NLU for every channel in real time, delivering personalized interactions and demonstrating a deep understanding of your customers’ needs.

Implement it easily into your business infrastructure

Seamlessly integrate Parloa with your SIP infrastructure, such as Genesys Cloud, and connect to your existing systems and CRM databases. Easily export conversation data to your preferred business intelligence tool and manage it all from our easy-to-use interface.
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Experience unparalleled phone automation quality!

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