Berlin-based AI Company Parloa Announces Salesforce Germany General Manager Joachim Schreiner as Chief Revenue Officer

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  • The established tech leader takes up his post with the Conversational AI innovators on October 1st  
  • Schreiner plans to help write the “next big story” in tech
  • CEO Malte Kosub is looking forward to reinforcements as Parloa positions for ambitious growth plans and international scaling

BERLIN, September 26, 2023 – Joachim Schreiner will become Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at Berlin-based AI company Parloa on October 1, 2023. The former head of Salesforce Germany will be responsible for the global revenue strategy at Parloa and lead all customer-facing teams. With its Conversational AI solution, Parloa is a market leader in the integration of AI technology in customer service. With the Parloa platform, companies can automate customer calls and chats, manage thousands of conversations in parallel, and handle inquiries more efficiently. Parloa allows clients to relieve call centers and eliminate wait times.

Schreiner brings 35 years of experience in the tech industry. He comes to Parloa from Salesforce Germany, where he spent seventeen years overseeing international expansion and took his team to over $1 billion in revenue annually. As General Manager for Germany at Salesforce, Schreiner’s responsibilities included strategic management and development and overall sales. Before joining Salesforce, Schreiner worked for Symantec, BMC Software, and Boole & Babbage.

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“For me, working at Parloa means helping to shape the future of communications. This is where one of the largest software markets in the world is emerging,” said Schreiner. “Salesforce was about digitization, and it’s time for the next big tech transformation: AI. The team is great and the technology is fascinating. I want to pitch in here and help write the next big story.”

Schreiner was drawn to Parloa’s state-of-the-art AI platform. “Parloa is leading the way in integrating voice as a natural communication tool in customer service through AI,” he said. “Parloa is pioneering, and has forward-thinking solutions that will completely transform customer service.”

At Parloa, founded in 2018, Schreiner will use his expertise to oversee and support revenue growth. “Joachim’s passion for the customer and his ability to intuit their needs will help us further develop our business in Germany and scale internationally,” said Co-founder Malte Kosub. “Joachim brings a wealth of knowledge in software solutions to improve the customer experience. He is highly respected in the industry and by customers. We look forward to shaping the future of communications with AI together.”

About Parloa

Parloa, founded in 2018, is a leading AI company for customer service automation. With Parloa’s platform, humans and AI combine to take enterprise service quality to a new level. As a result, Parloa creates AI-based customer service, natural-sounding conversations, and outstanding service experiences, over the phone and across all communication channels. With Parloa, your customers can resolve a wide range of concerns themselves, allowing call center staff to focus on complex issues. Parloa was founded by Malte Kosub and Stefan Ostwald and currently employs more than 150 people in Berlin, Munich, and New York.


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