How it works​

Augment your agents’ skills with the power of AI

Leverage the strengths of automated AI-driven calls and human agents to deliver comprehensive and efficient communications in your contact center.

Parloa’s AI augmentation delivers unparalleled customer experiences.

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routing accuracy

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accuracy transcribing contract numbers

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automated order conversion

+ many more great KPIs!

Let AI become your contact agents’ favorite colleague

At Parloa, our AI serves as a trusted partner to agents, providing real-time translations, fast response suggestions, and accurate information in any situation. Not only does this speed up problem-solving, but our technology also ensures a superior customer experience with a consistent brand voice across channels.

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For a wide range of customer inquiries

Generative AI provides human agents with hands-on support

Generate on-point responses with AI automatically

Unleash the potential of AI and empower your agents with numerous support options, including pre-generated responses to customers’ most common questions.

Your company will experience a remarkable impact on contact center performance with significant improvements in response time, resolution time, and overall customer satisfaction. As an added bonus, agent satisfaction improves, too.

Augment your agent’s voice with real-time-translations

Facilitate customer service dialogues even when the caller and agent speak different languages. Real-time translation ensures smooth communication between both partners.

By seamlessly managing multiple languages worldwide, contact centers can deliver exceptional customer service. Agents can have conversations with customers anywhere in the world.

Scale your business

Reimagine your global strategy by breaking language barriers

Connecting with customers worldwide and offering them customer service in their native language often comes with significant costs and staff shortages.

With Parloa, you can take your business to a global scale without the need to hire agents in every new country you enter. Our AI effortlessly translates customer language to agent language and vice-versa, all in real time.

Upgrade the service experience for customers and teams

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