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Unify your conversational experiences in one place, and join brands such as:

Build advanced experiences

GDPR Compliant

Parloa stores and manages data securely and in compliance with the GDPR.

Analytics connector

Using our analytics hook ensures that your released voice applications are connected to your existing analytics provider. Measure, iterate, improve.

API based platform

Take an agile and modern approach to building conversational experiences.

Parloa takes an API-centric approach, focusing exclusively on dialog modelling and speech model optimization, while enabling the best conversational AI out there.

Mirror your own development workflows

Manage multiple environments for development, staging, testing, production and more. Create multiple versions, and select which to use when pushing your experience into a live environment.



High availability

Built using modern architectural principles with built-in fallbacks and on-staff monitoring.

Deployment options

Use our SaaS platform, or deploy on-premise with regular updates.

Enterprise-level SLAs

Get a guaranteed minimum 99.5% uptime, or choose to increase it for your requirements.

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