Our partners are part of our team

We are 100% partner-focused and work hard to realize our vision of bringing innovative AI to enterprises across the globe.

Our partners are part of our team

Our partners

Accelerate your business as a Parloa partner


Supercharge growth

Partnering with Parloa isn’t just about bringing high performing AI to contact centers. It’s about becoming irreplaceable to your customers, driving the growth of your own business.


Commit to innovation

Demonstrate thought leadership by staying on the forefront of AI customer service. Attract and impress new customers with top-performing solutions that set you apart from the competition.


Drive revenue

Bring conversational AI to your customers’ contact centers and increase the profitability of your business. Experience higher margins and tap into recurring revenue streams in a massive addressable market.


Increase retention

Delight existing customers with cutting-edge AI technology that deliver contact center experience as never seen before. Make them happier and more loyal, and turn them into evangelists.

"Partnering with Parloa isn't just about bringing high performing AI to contact centers. It's about becoming irreplaceable to your customers, driving the growth of your own business."

Partner page Hanna

Hanna Waldenmaier

VP Global Partnerships, Parloa

Explore our partnership types

Strategic Alliances

Our strategic alliance fosters knowledge sharing, departmental support, and the creation of cutting-edge solutions to explore new markets and opportunities for your business.

Expert Partners

Recommend Parloa to your professional contacts as our expert partner. Together, we’ll empower businesses and revolutionize customer service. Your network and knowledge are invaluable assets in driving meaningful change.

Technology Partners

Integrate Parloa’s software into your product line. By offering our complementary solutions alongside your own, you create synergies and add value for your customers.

Professional Service Partners

Play a key role in helping customers successfully deploy Parloa. By becoming a professional services partner, you can help increase adoption, improve retention, and capitalize on reselling and cross-selling opportunities.

Empowering you to succeed –
Parloa partner certification

To ensure our partners achieve favorable business outcomes and drive long-term customer value, we offer a Partner Certification Program. This program includes role-based training and personalized certificates, ensuring our partners have everything they need to excel.

Parloa offers a Partner Certification Program to ensure our partners have everything they need to excel.

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