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Improved Customer Service with the Help of AI: KPMG Enters into Strategic Alliance with Parloa

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Revolutionizing Communication: A Tech Titan Joins the Frontlines of AI Conversational Innovations


Berlin's AI Titans: Accelerating Innovation in the Heart of Europe

Orange Quarter

Parloa is putting subpar customer service to pasture, pounces on €20 million

Germany’s Parloa raises €20M to transform how companies use AI for customer service

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101: Mastering Fundraising in difficult times

ARRtist on Air on Air

Parloa Raises €20M in Series A Funding


Parloa’s €20 Million Series A Financing Round

Global Legal Chronicle

Enterprise Software Provider Company Parloa Secures €20 Million

Pulse 2.0

Parloa Secures $21M for Contact Center Automation.

Global Village Space

Global VC deals for March 31, 2023


Parloa raises €20 million to propel international expansion of game-changing AI-based customer service

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Press Release: KPMG Enters into Strategic Alliance with Parloa