Conversational AI across

multiple platforms

Parloa can help you manage dialogs for a number of platforms – doing it all in one central repository, updating each one simultaneously.

Connect to phone gateways and build your own personalised customer experience for IVR.

Existing IVR systems are expensive and typically provide a bad customer experience.

Use Parloa to build a more natural experience, and to solve the following problems:

  • Agents spend a large amount of time on simple use cases, leading to higher costs and agents leaving.
  • Using a rigid menu of options means that customers spend too long trying to find the right option, or even give up without finding it.
  • IVR solutions can be very expensive and difficult to manage.

Allow your customer to say what they need, and route them to the right person quickly and effectively.

Pre-validation and qualification
Give you customers the option to self-validate with their customer ID, passcode or otherwise, saving time when handing off to an agent.

Callback management
Capture a customers’ details, and automate a callback.

Full automation
Create flows for common use cases, such as changing customer details like address or bank details.

Smart FAQS
Provide answers to frequently asked questions.

Peak call handling
Deal with an overload of calls, for example for insurance companies during freak weather events like hail.

Build for Alexa, Google Assistant, and more

Parloa is designed for people who want no limits on what they can build for Alexa, Google, or for any other virtual assistant.

This is a completely new channel for engaging with users, and there are a huge number of use cases, centering mainly around:

Helping your users get the answers they need.

Marketing and Branding
Engage with potential customer using creative ideas.

Resolving customer support queries such as account information updates.

Provide users with features directly related to what your organisation provides.

Build natural dialogs for chatbots, or connect to messaging services like Whatsapp.

If you’re spending time and money creating a natural flow for virtual assistants and for the phone, it makes sense to use the same experience for chat.

Manage one dialog and push it to your chat solutions as well.

On-site chat
Integrate with a chatbot to manage advanced dialogs directly from Parloa. Using APIs, build a conversational platform that incorporates the best solutions for analytics, visual presentation, and more.

Messaging services
Create an automated experience for SMS, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and more. Parloa can integrate with your own solution or directly with your CPaaS provider – we work together with official Whatsapp Business API partners.

Involve the entire team

Building advanced conversational AI experiences is not something that one person can do alone. It involves thinking about customers, designing an experience that works, and connecting various systems to ensure an experience that incorporates context and relevant external data.


User Experience (UX) and Voice User Interface (VUI) designers can take advantage of advanced features to build experiences that work.


RESTful APIs allow for easy integration with other services, and devs can build in parallel while designers work on speech assets and responses.

Product Management

Manage your entire product lifecycle using development workflows, unify an experience across multiple channels, and connect to analytics.

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