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orderbird Reduces Wait Times with Parloa’s AI Voicebot by 60%

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The Company

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orderbird offers intuitive software solutions and services for individual restaurateurs and small businesses in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and France. With more than 15,000 active customers, the company is Europe’s market leader for cloud-based point-of-sale systems with integrated payment. The digital POS solutions, orderbird PRO and orderbird MINI, have helpful functions that can improve work processes for multiple industries while maintaining tax compliance. orderbird GmbH was founded in 2011 and employs more than 130 people in Berlin and Vienna.

Story at a Glance

orderbird delights its customers with a wide range of tailor-made checkout solutions supported by a team of specialized agents. By working with Parloa and introducing an AI Voicebot in customer service, orderbird was able to reduce the wait time for its customers by an impressive 60%. They’ve significantly increased customer satisfaction and made service processes even faster and more focused on their customers.

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The Challenge

Restaurants and cafés, bars and clubs, ice cream parlors and beer gardens: customers expect fast and efficient service. And the POS system has to keep up!

This is exactly where the strength of orderbird lies. Do you need to spontaneously license and activate another cash point when things are busy? Then business owners turn to the orderbird customer service team with their request, where every need is processed efficiently and competently, resulting in a smooth service experience.

In the past, customer calls were routed through an interactive voice response (IVR) system that involved up to eight steps. Customer feedback collected after the call noted a desire for shorter wait times.

Based on this feedback, orderbird decided to make AI an integral part of its customer service and to establish a Voicebot that directs customers to the right experts more quickly.

The objectives of the project, defined at the outset

The Solution

orderbird relies on customer service teams that go beyond traditional first-level support and have a deep understanding of complex customer inquiries. This level of quality needed to be reflected in the AI solution.

The company was looking for a future-proof solution that not only enabled technical integration with their telephone system and Salesforce integration, but also placed high value on compliance – an area where Parloa is clearly leading the industry.

Customer service makes all the difference

The Parloa Customer Success Team placed orderbird’s specific requirements at the center of the project. Onboarding was carried out in close cooperation with an integration partner and ensured a smooth start.
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"The customized support, fast response times, and high availability really made the difference during the collaboration with Parloa. This ensured that everything went smoothly during the course of the project."

Creating a versatile language model

Customers should not only be heard, but really understood. This meant it was essential to develop an effective language model for the voicebot.

orderbird carefully evaluated the interactions between agents and customers and analyzed which questions occur most frequently, how customers phrase their questions, and how they formulate their concerns. Thanks to continuous feedback, the model is able to perpetually refine and make customer communication more accurate every day it’s being used.

Intelligent voicebot functions prep for the first use cases

With the project goals in mind, and using the newly developed language model, orderbird created the first use cases:

  • Efficient routing: AI-based customer interactions can now be forwarded to the right expert after a maximum of two open questions – a big step towards better customer satisfaction.
  • Intelligent authentication: The Voicebot uses caller ID to automatically determine which products the customers are using, in order to put them in touch with agents even faster.
  • Automated ticket generation: Every call automatically generates a service ticket with information like customer contact details and previous call log. Agents are able to be fully prepared for calls, which enormously increases their efficiency.
  • Autonomous FAQ answers: The voicebot answers frequently asked questions independently, which shortens response times and takes the burden off of the customer service team.
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Versatile and eloquent internal test run

The Voicebot has been extensively tested by the whole company and its functions were measured in a variety of service situations.
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"We have released our Voicebot to the whole company so that everyone – from support to sales to development – can call and try it out. We have a colleague who has a real talent for dialects. He tested the Voicebot extensively! It's really fascinating how versatile and adaptable the technology is."

The results speak for themselves
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"The Parloa Voicebot has exceeded our expectations! Our customers now spend noticeably less time waiting on the phone. And this is just the beginning. We want to further optimize waiting times and the customer experience in the future – and already have several projects and use cases in the pipeline."


The orderbird Voicebot is already performing superbly and set to improve even more in the future:

  • Integration with Salesforce: In the future, data from Salesforce will be sent to the Voicebot for internal use, in order to target and address customers needs and further optimize routing. This is ideal for personalized support, especially for new customers.
  • Expanded FAQs: The FAQ section will be expanded from 3 to 10 topics in order to be able to process calls more quickly and relieve the customer service team.

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